Lawyer Reviews

“Excellent lawyer I was seriously injured in an accident and was so concerned. After meeting Christy Childers with Childers and McCain, I felt so much more at ease. She has handled my case with such care and dedication. I couldn’t have handled my situation without her help. She has treated me as though I am family. She has worked hard to have my case seen in a timely manner and has been thorough in her investigation.”

“Christy Crowe Childers is an Awesome Lawyer! Someone ran a stop sign and my husband was killed. I used Christy Childers as my lawyer. That was a True Blessing. Christy was there from the start. She helped me with things that I had not even thought of and couldn’t think of because I was in shock. She stayed on top of things and did her job professionally but with that personal edge that makes it go a long way. Not only did my family and I notice this but so did the opposition. She won the case for us. Not only did I gain the best lawyer in Georgia but a true friend. She is now working on something else for me. I have full confidence in her.”

“Christy Childers- Great Result. Christy handled my personal injury case and helped me get my medical bills paid. She also was able to get me the compensation I needed because of the time I missed from work and going to doctor visits. I was able to concentrate on getting better and she took care of everything else.”

“Opinion of legal services provided. Christy helped us with a personal injury situation. She was very thorough, extremely knowledgeable, and kept us informed of the progress as we went along. i would not hesitate to recommend her as a resource to anyone needing quality legal representation.”