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Seeking Applicants for 2021 Junior Internship Program

Childers & McCain, LLC is proud to announce it is seeking applicants for its 2021 Junior Internship Program, running June 7-11.

For one week, two to five high school students in grades 9 through 12 will have an opportunity to see what it’s like to work at a law firm, right beside our attorneys. Students will learn the importance of confidentiality and develop skills for working in a professional environment. They will also learn what it takes to interact with clients and have the opportunity to meet other lawyers, judges, and legal professionals to learn about what they do and their careers.

As available, students can even see for themselves what it’s like to have a career in law by attending litigation events, including depositions, hearings, and trials. Hands-on experience can also be acquired when students document evidence at the scene of an accident and research the facts of a client’s case.

In addition to these experiences and skills, we are offering selected students a $200 scholarship and a resume listing their legal experiences from the week to help them get started on their careers.

How Do I Apply?

Applicants must have good grades and parental permission (if younger than 18) to apply. They must also be willing to sign and comply with a confidentiality agreement.

To apply, send an email expressing interest and have one adult (relative, friend or teacher) send a recommendation by email to Christy@ChildersMcCain.com.

For more information about this opportunity, get in touch with our firm by connecting with us online or by calling (478) 242-2443">(478) 242-2443.