Zoom Deposition

COVID-19 and Legal Depositions

Video Depositions have become the new normal. Zoom depositions have kept the civil justice system moving forward during COVID-19, but they are not always an option. While the courthouses are still closed to civil litigants, how do we keep cases moving where there are many parties, lawyers, or complex issues? Zoom is not always an option in these cases.

One lawyer I know has rented a super large room at a hotel conference center so everyone will feel safe but still be able to see each other. As the days start to become cooler, I have begun suggesting outdoor, open-air venues, and renting theatre stages. Outdoor spaces are super easy to search and reserve on sites like www.airbnb.com. Though an outdoor deposition along a scenic river might be very unconventional, everyone will feel safe and, let's face it, it is going to be a nicer day than you would have had stuck like sardines in a conference room during COVID.

So, let's all do our part in keeping the wheels of civil justice moving and work together to find creative solutions!